In each place I have lived, I’ve always made sure I had a bigger studio than anything else. I knew I didn’t need much room to sleep, but my collection of supplies for all my interests and curiosities could fill a good-size room. I spent the last four years bouncing around different projects and have recently realized how much that has slowed me down creatively; I am a BIG mess-maker :(

Trying to find a solution to that problem coincided with my lease ending, so I decided to make a big change: I need to focus on what is most important to me and downsize.

I am lucky that, while searching for the most efficient living situation, I had a lot of help. The house I grew up in sits on a botanical wonderland just shy of an acre and my mom & her boyfriend have been kind enough to share. I’ve always loved the idea of living simply in a small space, so with lots of research, even more help and recent turn of events, I will be spending my summer in a vintage Aluma-lite travel camper trailer!

I learned so much from others that have blogged about their similar experiences so I’ve also decided to document my own adventure. I’m hoping to learn a lot.. and I am so excited!!

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My summer spent learning to live simply in a vintage Aluma-lite camper trailer

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